Facial Recognition

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Facial recognition is a process verifying human identity with the ‘nodal points’ of his or her face. During mapping process an individual’s facial features are stored as faceprint data.

This incredible technology is a viable option for authentication as well as identification in banking wearables, tablets, and phone application etc.

It allows accurate and absolute authenticity to facial recognition i.e. security domain and identification purposes.


ELDIM has unveiled the VCProbe-NIR-STG to examine the device under test (DUT) including facial recognition or machine vision in near infra-red (NIR) region of light.

This equipment is designed to precisely measure characteristics of flood illuminators, stereoscopic imaging, structured light illumination components.

The instrument works on the principle of Viewing Angle measurement with NIR light source. The decisive feature of VCProbe-NIR-STG is large aperture for NIR sources.