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The VCProbe-AR/VR-MTF is specially adapted to measure the resolution of AR/VR display. This system...
EZContrast MS
EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture. It can measure luminance and color in less than 30s or...
The design is modular and allows a use of the bench with or without the temperature chamber. This...
New driving strategies like overdriving leads to complex temporal behavior for the display emission and...
The Xscope has been designed specifically to assess the quality of Micro Displays with very precise...
The XSP-3 was designed to measure several positions along an X axis of 1 or several DUTs. It is a very fast...
Provides accurate color measurement for any type of stimulus
Dedicated to highest needs in terms of performances and capacity, Thor7 is designed to address...
This complete measurement station is a precise, economical manual solution which ensures...
VCMaster 3D
VCMaster 3D has a +/-50° angle aperture and 0.03° as angular resolution. Get luminance and color data...

For Which Use ?

Consumer Electronics are Electronic devices that use color and light to convey digital information to users via illuminated controls and high-resolution displays.

All displays such as TV screens, mobile phone, tablets, computers need a perfect visual quality for customer experience and satisfaction.

Why choose ELDIM

ELDIM products are the best for display measurement.

With our wide range of ELDIM products for displays measurement, you can choose the product that will fit your need allowing you to measure small, big, flat or curved screen. For luminance, contrast or even response time measurement.

ELDIM devices are very accurate and fast in comparison to the old method of measuring displays with a goniometer.

With our viewing angle line product you will win measurement time.