3D Displays

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VCMaster 3D
VCMaster 3D has a +/-50° angle aperture and 0.03° as angular resolution. Get luminance and color data...

For Which Use ?

3D display technologies are revolutionizing the perception and the understanding of the real world.  A picture is worth a thousand words, in 3D display, it is worth a million. The 3D display gives an effect of depth of view and enables the human eye to perceive vivid images.

The typical technologies are volumetric 3D display, multiview 3D display, and holographic display. This technology has revolutionized a wide range of sectors such as defense, medical, space, and scientific high-dimensional data visualization applications,motion pictures, 3D gaming etc.

Why choose ELDIM

A glass-free 3D display is called autostereoscopic 3D display. Consumer products are based  on autostereoscopic 3D displays like 3D televisions, tables and smartphones.

Optical characterization of multi-view auto-stereoscopic 3D displays is possible using viewing angle measurements at two or three point on the display’s surface. The solution for characterization of multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays is using Fourier optics viewing angle system.

ELDIM developed the VCMaster 3D to measure viewing angle of auto-stereoscopic 3D displays.