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VCMaster 3D
VCMaster 3D has a +/-50° angle aperture and 0.03° as angular resolution. Get luminance and color data...
The cost effective EZLite-N2 system is the simplest and most versatile instrument for standard viewing angle...
ELDIM's multi-spectral angular mapping : CubeX Perfectly suited for several measurements, very light...
Viewing angle multi-spectral
EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture. It can measure luminance and color in less than 30s or...

What purpose


Our viewing angle series can have different characteristics according to a variety of applications need.

Our equipment can be used to measure a large panel of applications such as micro-displays, display (contrast, color triangle, polarization, 3D) also under illumination (simulation of end user visual conditions), paintings (cars, fabrics) and cosmetics (foundation, eye shadow).

ELDIM has been manufacturing viewing angle instruments based on Fourier optics for more than 25 years. One of their key features is the patented optical configuration which allows controlling the angular aperture of the system. 
Independently of the measurement spot size. Extreme grazing angles (88°) are measured with an excellent accuracy thanks to a very high light collection efficiency .