A little bit of ELDIM company history ….🔎📖

Viewing angle properties are certainly among the most common characteristics measured on any type of displays.

ELDIM was founded in 1991 to promote an innovative display measurement method based on Fourier optics. A specific optic was designed in order to convert angular field map into a planar one allowing very rapid measurements of the full viewing cone with high angular resolution. This fast viewing angle measurement system was first publicly introduced at Eurodisplay’1993 in Strasbourg. The first generation of system measured luminance in a cone of ±60° with an angular resolution around 1° and a maximum spot size of 1mm.

Our systems have been improved throughout years to reach extremely high performances at every level and new capacities such as multispectral measurements or polarization analysis.

The viewing angle series products have been developed to bring a major competitive advantage in measuring and analyzing Viewing Angle for all kinds of displays.

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