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The VCProbe-AR/VR-MTF is specially adapted to measure the resolution of AR/VR display. This system...
Specially adapted to measure the colorimetry of AR/VR...

The concept of Virtual Reality dates back to 1935 when American science fiction writer Stanley G. Weinbaum released Pygmalion’s spectacles. From then, different prototypes of booths or HMD were introduced to the market. To this day the Extended Reality (XR) Industry is separated into different categories, two of them are the Virtual Reality (VR) and the Augmented Reality (AR).The first category is the Virtual Reality products. With VR products, the user sees a complete virtual environment and cannot see or interact with reality. Most of the VR headsets are made with a two displays, displaying two images with some differences for our eyes to perceive 3D effects.

The second one is the Augmented Reality, where an artificial image is overlaid on reality. Two approaches are currently being developed by companies in this field. One solution is to keep VR type headsets and adding a camera to film reality. The other approach is to use regular glasses, onto which an image will be added on one of the lenses. This image can be added by using micro displays or hologram projection.
ELDIM’s equipments for AR/VR Displays Analyses
ELDIM has unveiled 2 equipment that  combined is the perfect solution for analyses of AR/VR displays.

The first one is the VCProbe-AR/VR-MTF (MTF stands for Modulation Transfer Function), it evaluates image clearness. The display structure is observed at sub-pixel level. It simulates the approximate size, position, and FOV of the human eye. The binocular feature on option allows to access synchronicity between two displays.

The second one is the VCProbe-AR/VR-COLOR, its a near eye display equipment that will analyze the colorimetry with luminance information, Mura detection and uniformity information.

An existing ELDIM product can be added to this two equipment in order to get a complete solution for the analyses of AR/VR displays, the Optiscope.

The Optiscope-200-R2 is the perfect tool for Temporal analyses, one of the requirement for AR/VR displays is to analyze the response time. The Optiscope-200-R2 allows Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) measurement with sampling interval down to 1µs
Engineered – customized product for AR / VR applications
ELDIM is, and always has been an R&D company, capable of designing and manufacturing customized products responding to new requirements. 

We can work on any demand that would need to measure the angular emission of Displays and sources. 

ELDIM is working with leading OEM companies on various topics such as AR/VR solutions, long range LIDAR and production line testing.  

We`re currently developing customized system for measuring Lidar to our customers, working in 4 hands with them for specification details.  

AR/VR measurement equipment are a reality to Eldim’s customers. We`ve already delivery several to the biggest players in the market. 

These companies have been using our AR/VR systems to test and characterize their products with a very high level of commitment with their specifications and expectations.  

The market is developing and we`re ready to deliver!