New driving strategies like overdriving leads to complex temporal behavior for the display emission and great care must be taken not only on the measurement itself but also on the measurement analysis.

OPTIScope looks like a conventional camera but includes all the hardware needed for temporal and luminance measurements.

Indeed, it comes with a complete and sophisticated solution for measurement analysis and response time extraction. VESA procedure, low pass and stop band filtering can be applied.


The system comes with an automated software that drives automatically the measure sequence from one level to all the other levels or from any level to any.

Direct regression of the temporal behaviors with different mathematical model is used to extract response time values and additional parameters related to the shape of the temporal behaviors (overdrive, underdrive…).

The instrument can also measure flicker amplitude accurately down to -75dB well below the level of sensitivity of the human eye.

The software can also compute Moving Picture Response Time features and deduce BEW and NBET parameters for any gray level.

The OPTIScope 200 R2 can be used at various distances from the display down to ~30cm.


  • High Speed measurement
  • Sampling step: 1 μm
  • Luminance Meter


  • Response Time
  • Luminance
  • Flicker/VCom
  • MPRT
  • Gamma Curves

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