Micro display

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The Xscope has been designed specifically to assess the quality of Micro Displays with very precise...

For Which Use ?

In today’s world, MicroDisplay represent a growing part of displays used with many different applications. From Wearable displays to AR/VR with public or military applications, assessing the quality of those displays has proven to be a challenge in obtaining major markets.

Micro display are mostly used in digital cameras or head mounted displays and other ultra small and high definition display applications.

However, these components also have applications in military and medical technology. In these areas, they are used to support monochrome night-vision, AR displays and patient-monitoring equipment. The micro-display market also benefits from an appreciable level of research and development.

Why choose ELDIM

In order to fully characterize micro displays, it is important to have viewing angleuniformity, and response time measurements. So far, no single equipment has been able to provide precise and reliable measurements. ELDIM has designed a wide range of products to fulfil these needs.

One of them is the XSCope series by using this device you will be able to check the quality of your micro display at the pixel scale !

The measurement done with this equipment will allow you to do detailed pixel sub-structure studies.