The Xscope has been designed specifically to assess the quality of Micro Displays with very precise uniformity measurements at the pixel level.


Since 2015, ELDIM has been selling the first video colorimeter with ultra large field of view and high spatial resolution. The high magnification and ultra large Field of View are obtained using a new generation of microscope objective.

With about 50mm² FOV and a spatial resolution of 1μm, luminance and color measurements on the entire surface of micro displays, calibration and quality control at the pixel scale become possible.


  • High magnification and ultra-large field of view
  • Near normal incidence measurements
  • Spatial resolution of 1µm
  • Ideal for color calibration and quality control of MICROLED displays


  • Micro displays inspection
  • Detailed pixel sub-structure studies
  • LEDs die inspection
  • Any photometry application down to the micrometre scale

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