ELDIM adds a new measurement solution to its AR/VR range

The VCProbe-AR/VR-Polar

At Display Week exhibition 2024, our latest equipment, the VCProbe-AR/VR-Polar, was unveiled to the public for the first time. Its innovative design and advanced features generated significant interest among visitors.

Additionally, it was the main topic of the poster ELDIM’s presented at the display week poster session by Dr Veronique Collomb-Patton from ELDIM during the last day of the exhibition, highlighting its polarization capabilities.

The VCProbe-AR/VR-Polar, designed specifically for mapping the Polarization State of optical components.

This equipment sets a new standard in optical analysis for VR projection lenses. By using the polarization map, you can detect any ghost in your VR headsets.

It can measure the polarization degree, transmittance, orientation and ellipticity. This data is crucial for evaluation of AR/VR pancake lenses.

Check out our VCProbe-AR/VR-Polar page and do not hesitate to download the datasheets!

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