The cost effective EZLite-N2 system is the simplest and most versatile instrument for standard viewing angle.

EZLite series are ideal tools, with +/-60° angle aperture. Luminance, color in a matter of seconds or spectral data in a few minutes.

Allowing fast measurement the EZLite-N2 is ideal for the displays quality control.


EZLite-N2 allows reliable viewing angle luminance and color data. It provides fast and accurate measurements of the full viewing cone with high angular resolution.

EZLite-N2 measures a +/-60° viewing angle luminance map in less than 10s.

The use of Coaxpress-6 highly improves the stability of the communication links during the utilization of the equipment.


  • Color measurements in less than 10s
  • High color and luminance accuracy
  • Viewing angle aperture : +/-60°
  •  Angular optical resolution : 0.75°
  • Cooled Sensor
  • Colored filters
  • Coaxpress-6 (up to 4 links)


  • Viewing angle analysis in Q&A
  • VESA/ICDM-IDMS standards compliance tests
  • Goniometric types measurements

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