EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture.
It can measure luminance and color in less than 30 s or spectral data in 5 mn, all angles at once !

It measures emissive or reflective properties.


EZContrast Series allow to measure viewing angle luminance and color data.

This system provides accurate color measurement for any type of stimulus. ELDIM is manufacturing on its own all the key components of its system, including optics thanks to advanced technologies.

The full viewing cone is measured with high incidence and azimuth angular resolution within seconds for luminance and chromaticity and minutes for radiance.


  • Non-contact viewing angle measurement
  • High color accuracy
  • Resolution: 0.04°/CCD pixel
  • Cooled sensor


  • Viewing angle analysis for QC or R&D
  • Viewing angle polarization as add-on
  • Large spot size for W series (6mm)

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